Center for Faculty Development

Vision of the Center

Achieving the Global Academic Standards of Excellence in Training and Integrated Professional Development for Faculty, Associate and Associate Leadership at the two levels: local and regional.

Mission of the Centre

Integrated human development of teaching staff and leadership to meet the needs of beneficiaries in accordance with quality standards, and continuous development of the training system to keep pace with the latest training centres at the world level in order to meet the required standards.


  • Improve the University's institutional and professional capacities by developing the academic and leadership skills of its human resources to enable them to achieve quality educational outputs and successfully implement targeted change.
  • Upgrading the quality of training programmes and courses commensurate with contemporary and future global developments
  • Promote a lifelong culture of development and self-learning for all groups.
  • Developing self-capacity that supports the continuous development of university activities in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the University.
  • Adopt mechanisms to promote a professional development culture based on quality standards in the community of workers in institutions of higher education.
  • Training, training and capacity development of trainers in accordance with existing and emerging capacities.