Summary of the strategic plan

The foundations on which the plan was built: To realize the aspirations and aspirations of Al-Arish University, the following methodology was used to develop a strategic plan:


How should we improve the University's mission and vision (the goals we seek to achieve) in the light of these aspirations and aspirations?

Strategic goals and objectives:

What are the distinctive pillars of our strategic plan? What are the essential elements on which we will rely in achieving our strategic aspirations and objectives?


What are the basic premises that contribute to our strategic objectives?

Specific Programmes

That we should follow to achieve our aspirations successfully? And components (such as: organization, finance, infrastructure) to facilitate the completion of our strategic initiatives?

Implementation Plan

What action plan needs to be implemented to achieve initiatives? What actions should be taken, and how are they prioritized? What resources? Who's in charge of the delivery?

Basic starting points for the implementation of the plan:

Support for senior political leadership

The State adopts the philosophy of the quality of higher education

The emergence of new opportunities in accordance with the current Constitution

The governing values and principles of the University

Quality and Excellence

Leadership and collective action

Authenticity and Contemporary

Initiative and innovation

Excellence, creativity and excellence

Academic Freedom

Justice and Integrity

Transparency and Accountability

Continuing Education

Respect for pluralism and difference

Promote Intercultural Understanding