Expatriate services


Supporting the role of the university on the national, Arab, Islamic, African and international levels by highlighting the attraction factors for the overseas students to Arish University


Provide full support to international students in all fields Marketing the University's diverse and distinguished academic programs in Arabic and foreign languages Support different ways of cooperation and communication between Arish University and all relevant authorities, including embassies, cultural offices and various academic institutions on the regional and global levels.


  • Provide the best integrated guidance service for the international students through the administrative staff in all academic levels
  • Improve the level of academic and non-academic services that are available to international students by offering all the required facilities
  • Providing all types of support to international students; scientific, health, moral, social, academic and administrative supports

Student services for international students

The university provides many services to expatriate students, similar to what is offered to our Egyptian students through the university's faculties, units and university cities.

  • Helping students who are not students who are able to pay the tuition fees by issuing a decision from the ministry to reduce their expenses or exempt them from it, as the case may be, by communicating with the Central Administration for International Student Affairs at the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Providing students with the opportunity to benefit from free educational services offered by the central administration to expatriate students, the last of which is allowing expatriate University of El-Arish students to enter the Egyptian Knowledge Bank for free to take advantage of the information available on the site.
  • Providing assistance to students wishing to join the university by introducing them to the mechanisms of application through the website of the central administration for international students in the ministry.
  • The administration opens its doors to communicate with international students at the university to overcome obstacles that are faced by students.
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Sponsoring student activities for expatriates

Coordination with the central administration of foreign students affairs in the ministry to represent the university in student forums that sponsor the various activities of students (cultural - social - sports - art)

Coordination with Mr. the honorable Director-General of Student Activities in the Central AdministrationnFor expatriates to activate student activities for expatriates at the university through student participation For the arrivals club in Cairo.

Taking care of innovative and innovative foreign students to provide aid to them to bring their innovations to light.

Coordination is underway with the central administration for expatriate students in the ministry to hold a friendship day between foreign students at the University of El-Arish and the Union of African Students, provided that it will be held at the Immigration Club theater in Ramses, in order to integrate foreign students at the University of El-Arish with their peers in Egyptian universities.

Coordination is underway with the Arab and African Union for Sports Culture to conduct a sports session under the name of the First Forum for Sports Culture for International Students sponsored by Al-Arish University.

The Expatriate Department aims to integrate international students at the university with their peers to participate in student activities sponsored by the university under the umbrella of the General Administration for Student Welfare at the university.

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