Privacy Policy

How the university handle your personal information

Al-Arish University is committed to protect your personal data and informing you of your rights regarding this data under the Data Protection Law of Law 151 of 2020 and in compliance with the provisions of the European GDPR. One of our responsibilities as ours is to be transparent in our processing your personal data and to inform you of the different ways in which we collect and use your personal data.

The university will process your personal data in accordance with the data protection law for the year 2020, through your use of our sites or subscription services in the electronic services published on our website or any sub site related to the university’s website, whether with services, registration, conferences and current events at the university, you agree Based on the data-specific procedures mentioned in this privacy policy. If you do not agree with the methods and procedures for the data mentioned in the description in this privacy policy, you must refrain from using the sites or the contents shared in it and the contents of others. We encourage you to check back here regularly to review any changes. The site may collect non-personal information when you visit, such as the address and name of the site directly prior to visiting our site, if any, the time you spend browsing the site with its components, and the IP of your device. The purpose of this information is to use it to generate statistics about the website visitors and to improve the services provided to you.

Some of the site’s pages may contain some cookies, and the site uses these files to generate general statistics only, such as the number of visitors and the most visited site pages, and others. Cookies do not collect any data in any way.