Study in Egypt

In the light of the presidential directives regarding development of the system of international students and propagating capabilities of Egyptian universities so that they can attract foreign students to study in Egypt, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has taken many procedures such as launching the application "Study in Egypt" to help students who want to study in Egypt from all over the world to know about the educational institutions. The application includes data from higher education institutions acknowledged by Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. They include governmental, private and civil universities in addition to branches of foreign universities, colleges, technological institutes and higher institutes. This app can be downloaded from "Apple Store" or "Google Store".

Furthermore, the Ministry has computerized work at the Central Administration of International Students. A banking unit has been provided to finish all financial transactions. A branch of Passports, Immigration and Nationality Office has been inaugurated as well as a tourist company. In addition, an electronic site has been created to register students under the title "Wafeden", that means international students.

The Ministry has launched a competition for the best University that attracts international students. It organizes international exhibition for marketing Egyptian higher education and prepares technical cadres trained in dealing with international students in addition to establishing international students' club. The Ministry has created various activities for international students during 2019 such as the 1st Forum of International Students at Mansoura University, the 1st Forum of Egyptian-Sudanese Universities, Peoples' Week, African Universities' Week in Aswan, and International Students' Week at Suez Canal University. Moreover, the number of scholarships offered by the Ministry, Egyptian universities and Ministry of Foreign Affairs has increased. Also, there is coordination with many concerned ministries to provide many services for international students such as health, social, cultural, artistic and sports services. Ministry of Higher Education always markets the initiative Study in Egypt by producing a number of indications, songs, infographics and digital production to propagate it widely in Egypt and abroad. A new song has been produced to market Egypt's potentials in the field of higher education and scientific research. Media Center of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research